Tire Retreading

A tire retread is when a previously worn tire goes through a remanufacturing process to extend the life of its use. Having your tire retreaded is significantly less expensive than purchasing a new tire. A tire can also be retreaded up to 10 times which is just another reason to trust Moore & Robinson Inc. to handle all your retreading in Little Rock, AR.

The Tire Retreading Process

The casings are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet our high retreading standards. Our qualified mechanics look for any punctures, cuts or damages to the tire body. Repairs are made using flexible and strong retreading materials.


Buffing is the process of removing the worn tread design. Our buffer will smooth the running retread to satisfy your needs and reduce vehicle maintenance.

The Inspection

We have created a complete inspection process for your tire casing.


Repair procedures performed are designed specifically for today’s new generation tires.


Cushion gum which is the adhesive layer is applied to the back of the new tread. The gum bonds the resilient new rubber to your casing. The bond becomes one of the strongest parts of the tire making the our retread the most dependable option.


We bond new tread rubber to your casing using a low temperature curing process. Your tire is encased in a flexible rubber covering and placed in a pressure chamber to prevent any distortions.

Final Inspection:

Once the retreading process is complete, our qualified mechanics thoroughly inspect the tire before it leaves our shop. We know that you need a dependable, like-new tire that performs well for months to come.

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