Behind every set of great tires is a quality set of wheels. Typically made of steel or alloys, wheels provide a stable foundation for tires and can add style to the look of the vehicle. Drivers all over the state of Arkansas come to Moore & Robinson, Inc. Tire and Service Centers for the best selection of wheel options from the leading manufacturers. We feature a variety of vendors to help a person find the wheel best suited for their vehicle at a competitive price.

Top Wheel Brands Include

Car Brands

  • XXR
  • Primax
  • Avid.1
  • Verde
  • Milanni

SUV/LT Brands

  • Hostile Truck – primarily leveled/lifted fitments only
  • MKW Off Road
  • Vision Off Road
  • Ballistic Off Road
  • Dick Cepek

Custom wheels are a great way to enhance and personalize a vehicle. Available in a vast assortment of styles and sizes, wheels are popular for passenger vehicles, trucks and SUV’s. In addition to improving vehicle appearance, custom wheels paired with high performance tires can impact ride, handling, and overall performance, improving a vehicle in a number of ways.

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What is the difference between wheels and rims?

Often wheels are referred to as “rims” in the case of stylized custom aftermarket car wheels. Rims are actually a part of the wheel. The wheel rotates allowing the vehicle to move, while the rim attaches the wheel to the tire. Wheels are connected through the center to the vehicle axles in parallel pairs. Typically, wheels come standard on most new cars, while chrome rims are often included with luxury cars. Both rims and wheels can be changed or added as an aftermarket upgrade to any vehicle.

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