Don’t Let Your Brakes Break!

What’s the number one most important feature of your car? No, it’s not the top speed your car can hit…It’s your brakes!

Brakes are the number one most valuable safety system of your vehicle. A lot of components go into making your brakes as effective as they can be, and there are many checks you can do at home to make sure everything is working properly. Let’s review some of the signs your vehicle will give you if something’s just not right:

Screeching sound

You may hear a high pitched screech when you try to press the brakes. That is a clear indicator that your brake pads need to be replaced. If you are hearing this sound often, please stop in to see us.

Brake light on

If your brake light is on, you’re due for an inspection. Come see us as soon as possible.

Leaking fluid

Fluid leaking is not a good sign. If you also have a soft or spongy brake pedal, it could mean there isn’t enough power forcing the brake pads into the rotors. Come see us and we will look for fluid leaking somewhere in the brake system.

Growling sound

If you hit the brakes and hear a grinding or growling sound, it spells trouble. This sound is very loud and metallic, and it is caused by the brake pads wearing off completely and the two pieces of metal rubbing together. If you hear this sound, your rotors may need to be replaced.


A vibrating pedal usually means that your rotors are uneven. You want your rotors to be even and smooth without any variation to keep you the safest. If you are experiencing a vibrating pedal, come in and see us.

Above all, make sure that you look and listen. Many times you can tell when your brakes are off just by the look or the sound of them.

Remember, if something still doesn’t look or feel right, bring your car in and we would love to take a look at it. Safety is our number one priority. This winter, keep not only yourself but also your friends and family safe by coming in and regularly having your brakes inspected.

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