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Pros and Cons of Extended Warranties

One of the most perplexing questions concerning auto care is whether or not to buy an extended warranty. Extended warranties, also known as vehicle service contracts or extended service plans, offer additional coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. But is investing in an extended warranty a prudent decision, or is it simply a way for dealerships … Continued

How Often Do Today’s Vehicles Need an Oil Change?

At some point, you were probably advised a vehicle needs an oil change every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. You may have also heard more recently that this old rule of thumb no longer applies. It is true that today’s vehicle engine technology and oil formulations have advanced significantly over the years. So, how … Continued

The conflict has not only impacted tire production in these countries, but also the European Union. Increases in inflation and interest rates, as well as rising oil, diesel and gas prices, are all factors that continue to plague the tire industry. According to tire industry projections, improvements in the situation are not expected to come this year: … Continued

5 Questions & Answers About Electric Vehicles

As gas prices continue to skyrocket, more people are considering the purchase of an electric vehicle. On the outside, electric vehicles do not look a whole lot different than their combustion engine counterparts. There are, however, significant differences on the inside, which are designed to make them more economical and fuel efficient. The most obvious … Continued

Best Budgeting Tips for Your Vehicle Needs

Before saving money for your vehicle’s financial goals, it’s important to decide on a general amount that you’d like to set aside for a given amount of time.  Are you interested in buying a new or used car in the near future? Or are you satisfied with the vehicle that you have and only want … Continued

Five Ways to Retain Your Car’s Resale Value

A new vehicle starts depreciating the second you drive off the sales lot. In the future, if you plan to sell or trade in your vehicle, we’re sure you’d like to get the biggest bang for your buck.  Here are some of our top tips for limiting depreciation and helping your car retain its value … Continued

Quick Ways to Start Saving Money on Gas Today

Depending on the frequency and distance you drive, you’re likely filling up your tank at least once a week, maybe even twice. This is pricey! Here are a few ways you can start saving money on gas today: Gas is one of those monthly costs that add up quickly, as many of us find ourselves … Continued

Three Considerations to Make for a Car Insurance Deductible

There are certainly pros and cons to weigh when investing in full car insurance coverage and deciding on a deductible. A car insurance deductible is usually associated with collision and comprehensive policies. A deductible is an amount that you, the policyholder, needs to pay from the amount that your policy will return. For instance, say … Continued

Cost Considerations of Owning a Vehicle

Not only do you have to buy the vehicle itself, either with cash or through financing, there are additional costs such as car insurance, maintenance, gas, registration fees, and more. It just doesn’t seem to end.  Read our blog to learn more. Owning a vehicle can add up to be quite the investment. Not only … Continued

Five Steps for Post Vacation Car Care

Summer is the time for road trips! Especially with this year’s COVID-19 restrictions interfering with air travel. A recent AAA article reports, “Car trips will reign supreme this summer, accounting for 97 percent of summer travel.” According to the article, AAA anticipates 683 million road trips this summer. While getting your car ready for a … Continued

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