Let’s Get Back to Car Care Basics

Whether you’re a new car owner or you’ve been one for decades now, don’t overcomplicate the whole process of being a driver.

We want to ensure that you’re confident on the road, while being smart and safe. Here are a few items to get well acquainted with so you can drive with peace of mind:

Refer to Your Owner’s Manual. As simple as this sounds, many drivers don’t think twice about their owner’s manual for their vehicles. There may be a lot of things you may never practically use in there, but there are also valuable use and care instructions that can come in handy. Unsure what specific light bulbs to replace old ones with, what the recommended tire pressure, how to access a certain feature in your vehicle, or the like? Don’t be afraid to skim through your owner’s manual first.

Common Sense Will Be Your Best Friend. Common sense will be on your side as a driver. Smell something off? Brakes sound a little louder than normal? Feel a noticeable jot when accelerating? There are the kinds of things you will want to trust your instincts on to notice and address accordingly. If something doesn’t feel quite right, there’s likely something amiss.

Check Tire Pressure Routinely. There’s little more annoying than dealing with a flat tire that you’ve neglected to fill up for months now. Be sure to check your tire’s PSI regularly, whether it’s keeping an eye out on the PSI gauge on your dash or – better yet – checking your tire pressure manually with a PSI gauge. Keeping up with this small task can save you from a headache later on.

Double Check Your Car Documents. When car repairs are done, be sure to keep any and all receipts that you get. This allows for you to have service records, warranties, and the like ready when you’re in a pinch. Be sure your car insurance is in your vehicle or wallet at all times and that your registration is tucked away somewhere safe in your vehicle. Your car title should never stay in your car, in the event of theft, so keep it somewhere safe at home.

Find a Local Mechanic You Trust. Staying in an area for a good amount of time? Do your research and find a trusted local mechanic. This will make your life easier when you have a place that you can take your vehicle to when you sense something isn’t quite right. A relationship built on trust and respect can make you even more comfortable with leaving your vehicle with them.

Still searching for that local mechanic? Do swing on by and we’d be happy to spend some time getting to know you and your vehicle. 

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