Is Car Detailing Worth the Investment?

Car detailing is a term that denotes a thorough exterior and interior cleaning of your vehicle. This typically includes stain removal from upholstery, thorough cleaning of floor mats, interior vacuuming, refreshing your car’s paint job and wax, and more. The more services added, the more costly this service will be. 

But is it worth the cost? The answer to this will largely depend on the vehicle owner’s preferences, the vehicle itself, and the intended purpose of the vehicle detailing. Let’s delve deeper into the cost of detailing and see if it’s a solid investment for you. 

What Is the Expected Cost? 

Car detailing will often start low, but all the add-ons will greatly increase the final price you’ll pay. Basic packages will often start between $125-$200, but the price will likely be higher after everything is said in done. Also, larger SUVs and vans will typically cost an extra $25-$50 due to being larger in size. The worse shape your car is in, fully expect to pay more. Keep this in mind before committing to getting your car detailed. 

Is it Worth it?

Detailing can be a great option once in a while to fully refresh your vehicle. It’ll keep it looking like new for longer and can boost the resale value when it’s time for a car upgrade. Getting your car detailed professionally will likely cost less than buying the items and equipment needed to detail it yourself. Consider how much your time is worth too. Keeping these benefits in mind, car detailing can be very worth it for a car owner when done less frequently. If you have more funds to get regular detailing done, all the power to you. 

On the lines of keeping your vehicle in good shape, be sure to invest in regular maintenance to keep the inside workings sharp. We’re here to help you with that, so feel free to bring your vehicle over for us to check it out. See you soon!

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