Dashboard Warning Lights That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Knowing what each warning light means can save you from getting stranded somewhere, or it can even save you from losing control of your vehicle.

ABS System

The ABS System is in charge of the anti-lock braking system in your vehicle. This light could also appear if brake fluid is running low. Regardless of the reason for the alert, it means that there is something preventing your brakes from working properly. In the case of the ABS light, this could mean such things as your brake pad is running low, the brake sensor is malfunctioning, or that your brakes are incapable of locking your wheels. This can cause extreme danger as your vehicle could lose control when you apply the brakes. 

Taking this warning light seriously can reduce the risk you create to yourself and other drivers around you. Brakes are one of the most important features on your vehicle so be sure that your brakes are working correctly. 

Engine Warning Light

In most vehicles, the engine warning light does not specify what exactly is wrong with the engine. In most cases, manufacturers have created a color differential warning to show the driver how serious the engine trouble is. If your engine light is amber colored, this normally means that the issue is minimal and you should be okay to drive home safely and then schedule a time to get it checked out. The other shade of coloring is red. If you see a red engine light, this means that there is a serious issue going on and you should not continue driving. The best option is to pull over and call a mechanic before continuing any further. 

Many drivers have an amber colored check engine light on at all times. While it may still be safe to drive, it is important to get any check engine light looked at in a timely manner. Driving even with minimal engine problems can lead to bigger problems down the road and it can be very dangerous.

Airbag Warning Light

An airbag warning light can be activated if there is something wrong with the airbag system or if there is a problem with your seatbelt mechanism. Both of these issues can cause serious problems in the unfortunate situation where they are needed. If you see this warning light, it is highly recommended that you pull over or find the nearest garage to have this problem addressed. If you choose to drive with this light on and are involved in a crash, the result could be fatal for you or your passengers. 

All warning lights are important, but some can be life threatening if not taken seriously. If you are unsure of the warning light, the best thing to do is pull over, consult your owner’s manual & give your trusty mechanic a call. We would love to help out in any way that we can. Our goal is to keep your vehicle running properly and more importantly, keep you safe. 

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