Tips for Driving Safely in Dense Fog

As the temperature starts to drop in the United States, there will likely be more days where you experience thick fog during your morning commute or late night drives.  Read our latest blog to learn more.

We want you to stay safe so please practice extra caution when driving in these conditions. The safest tip would be to wait until the fog clears before getting on the road, but that’s not always realistic. Here are some helpful tips that should help you get to your destination safe and sound:

  • Eliminate distractions. This should be integrated whenever you drive but especially when driving conditions are not in your favor. Cell phones and even music can detract your focus from the road. When you can’t see clearly or the weather is severe, it is absolutely imperative to stay as sharp and focused on the road as possible.
  • Reduce driving speed. Don’t be afraid to fall below the speed limit, gauging the flow of traffic as you do so. Reducing your speed can give you more reaction time if something appears unexpectedly 
  • Crack your window. Since your sight is impaired with the dense fog, we recommend giving your front windows a crack to hear outside. You may want to turn down the music or radio to listen even more closely.
  • Pay attention to roadside reflectors. Roadside reflectors can create a sort of guide for you notifying when there is a turn on the road or what to expect in front of you. Don’t neglect to pay attention to them to ensure you have an idea of what is coming next. 
  • Use defrosters and windshield wipers. It’s foggy enough outside, you definitely don’t want a fogged over windshield. Be sure to use the defroster and wipers to get rid of extra moisture that could cause further impairment.
  • Drive with low beams. Contrary to what you think, using your bright headlights should be avoided due to the fact that they reflect off dense fog. This makes it even harder to see, so keep those low beams on instead.

We hope that these tips can help you navigate through the fog safely. Remember that if you ever feel as if there is too much fog, pull over and wait for it to clear up. It’s better safe than to be sorry. 

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