Fall Tire Tips

There are different driving challenges that come as seasons change. Read our blog to learn more! 

There are different driving challenges that come as seasons change. Here are a few helpful fall driving tips for you and your family to keep you safe & on the road.

Air Pressure

Maintaining the proper air pressure helps to ensure that your tires can perform in the best way possible. For top performance, we suggest you inflate your tires to the recommended tire pressure given by the vehicle manufacturer, which can be found on the driver’s door panel, on the glove box door, or in the owner’s manual. Maintaining the proper air pressure helps you combat slippery leaves, fall rain storms & those dreaded potholes. Don’t to check your tire pressure monthly or at least before heading out on a long drive.

Tread Depth

When it comes to wet weather in the fall time, your tires’ tread depth plays a major role. We would encourage you to check your tire tread depth once a month! Wet weather can be seriously compromised as early as 5/32nds of a tread depth.


If you live or drive in an area with harsh fall & winter conditions, you should keep an eye out for serious potholes. During the cooler months, moisture can get into the road surface & after repeated freezing and thawing, it can cause severe damage to your tires & wheels. And even worse, the faster you’re driving, the worse the repercussions. If you can’t avoid a pothole, reduce your speed but release the brake before actually hitting the pothole. Properly inflated tires are much less susceptible to damage!


Fall weather often brings heavy downpours which can making driving difficult. When it rains while you’re driving, we suggest that you adjust your speed accordingly and pay very close attention to the road surface.

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