How To Recycle Used Motor Oil

Most manufacturers recommend changing your vehicle’s oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. That is a lot of used oil to go through in just a year – let alone the entire lifespan of your vehicle.  Learn more how you can recycle your used oil in our latest blog. 

When used oil is disposed of improperly, the Environmental Agency (EPA) estimates that the “used oil from one oil change can contaminate one million gallons of fresh water”. That is enough water to provide an entire years’ supply for 50 people. So wasteful! Recycling your used oil is a great way to minimize the chances of contamination – especially in our water supply. Follow these steps to contribute to a greener Earth: 

Catch Used Oil. We recommend using a drip pan/drain container to catch the used motor oil. A good tip is to purchase one with a built-in spout which will make the transferring process much easier. 

Store In Correct Container. You should use a sealed container that is made of a suitable plastic or the original oil container to store the used oil. We find that using the original oil container is the easiest option. 

Don’t Mix Fluids. It is imperative to not mix your used oil with other automotive fluids. Used oil that has been mixed with windshield washer fluid, antifreeze, etc. can not be recycled. Additionally, try not to store used oil in containers that have held other fluids.

Recycle the Oil Filter. Comprised of oil and steel, oil filters need to be recycled too. Puncture the oil filter to allow residual oil to drain into the catch container. Even after allowing the oil to drain from the filter, there could still be up to ten ounces of oil left in the filter. That’s a lot so it’s important to make sure the filter is recycled too!

Store Until Ready. If you are not quite ready to make a run to recycle the oil, simply store it in a cool dry place. 

Take to Recycling Center. Do some research on local places that recycle used oil. Places like AutoZone and Advanced Auto Parts should be able to take your used oil off your hands.

The whole process of changing your oil and disposing the used oil correctly can be tiresome. Not to worry! If you find yourself short on time or you just don’t feel like changing your oil, bring your vehicle in and we’d be happy to take this task off of your hands. 

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