Why You Should Never, Ever Skip a Tire Rotation

Each of your tires performs a different function!  Read our latest blog to learn why your vehicle & tires can never afford to skip a tire rotation.

If you have a front wheel drive car for instance, the power is transmitted to the front tires while the rear tires pretty much just follow along and do their own thing.  A rear-wheel drive car, truck or SUV on the other hand, sends its power to the back while putting all the pressure on the front tires! All-wheel drive and 4WD have their own unique power, steering and other characteristics as well!

The point in all of this is, your tires are going to wear differently! And if you don’t maintain a proper tire rotation schedule, this is when you will face problems. By performing routine tire rotations, you are extending the life of your tires! You’re in fact, ‘re-balancing’ the wear patterns on each of your tires overtime, giving them an equal opportunity to get proper use. See, when we say it that way, it’s not so hard to understand!

As a general rule, your tires should be rotated every 5,000-6,000 miles. But let’s say you don’t!? It’s not like your wheels and tires are going to fall off your car, but you’re certainly shortening the life of your tires!

And not just that, but we all know tires can be expensive & if you fail to rotate them periodically, you could in fact ruin the tire. This is when deep tread damage occurs… you may see the wear on the inside & outside edges, feathering on the sidewalls or a lumpy, chopped tread. Whatever this deep wear pattern turns out to be, once it is there it cannot be repaired or rotated to fix it.

Unevenly worn tires can be also very dangerous, causing your vehicle to unnecessarily pull to one side.  That immediately translates to poor handling, especially around curves which could cause you to skid and even crash.  Nobody wants that! And finally, at the very least, unevenly worn tires are noisy and make driving tedious.

However, here’s where we tell you the good news! Tire rotation is very inexpensive & doesn’t take a lot of time! Now, for the good news; tire rotation and balance is very inexpensive and does not take much time.  We’re here to perform your next tire rotation!

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