Signs You Just Might Need a New Car

Nothing lasts forever and that includes your car too. Regardless of how well you care for our vehicle, it’ll eventually be time for a replacement vehicle.

And when that time does come, here are several signs to look out for:

Major Repair Is Needed. Consider the worth of your vehicle and whether this necessary repair is over that. For example, your vehicle’s estimated value is only $2000, and it’s in need of a repair that’s $2500 to operate. This is a great sign to not spend that $2500 on repairs, but rather use that money to start looking for another vehicle.

It’s Constantly at the Repair Shop. When you find yourself going to your mechanic several times a month, your vehicle is becoming a money pit. These constant repairs add up quickly and take a lot of time out of your schedule. Take the time instead to research used vehicles around you and start looking for a replacement.

No Longer Fits Your Lifestyle. Have a 2 door convertible but a baby on the way? If this is your only vehicle, it’s time to start looking for a bigger one to accommodate the new life stage you’re going into. And conversely, if you’ve become empty nesters, it may be time to downsize from your family van to a smaller vehicle with better gas mileage.

You Feel Unsafe Driving It. Car manufacturers are coming out with new safety features in each new model they release. If you’re driving a vehicle from the early 2000s, it likely doesn’t have added safety features like brake assistance, blind spot notifiers, backup cameras, and more.

Your Car Makes You Sad. Whether it’s bad memories associated with your vehicle or driving it just doesn’t make you happy, it may be time to start looking for a new one. If you commute to work, you spend a lot of time driving so have something that makes you happy.

Buying a completely new car or a used car that’s new to you is an investment. However, it’s a purchase that can offer so much value to your life. And don’t forget that if you simply want a new car, and you can afford it, that’s reason enough to start browsing!

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