What You Need to Know Before Buying Tires

Buying tires is surely not on the top of everyone’s list of exciting purchases, but it’s one of those things you’ve just have to do if you want to keep you and your family safe on the road. 

There are many factors when it comes to committing on a new set of tires and making the investment. We understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and your business means a lot to us. We want you to feel comfortable when it’s ready to buy your next set of tires. Just check out some of the factors you’ll want to consider when it’s tire buying time.

Do you need new tires?

Take the Penny Test!  You can measure the depth using an old penny or by looking at the tread wear indicators built into most tires. If your tread is worn down to less than 2/32 of an inch you need new tires.

Check for promotions!

So let’s say you took the Penny Test and it’s time you find a set of new tires! You’ll want to check for nationwide rebates & offers to see where you can save money. There are plenty of rebates each and every month and we also offer a wide variety of savings when you buy your tires through us.

Selecting the right size

Most tires are branded with a number that tells you all about the product you are about to purchase. For example, P195/70R15 43H M+S, shows you the type, width, aspect ratio, diameter, tire speed rating, and indicates the tire is an all-season tire. That’s quite a bit of information in a small space. For most, these numbers can be confusing and often intimidating. The good news is that we’re here to help! Just let us know the make, model and year of your car and we’ve got you covered.

The right tire for your driving elements & style

Weather, driving habits, and your own personal preference can all play a major role in making this decision. If you live in an area that gets a good amount of snow you might consider an all-season or especially a winter tire. But if you experience sun all-year round this might not be what you need. Do you need high-speed performance, a comfortable ride, traction in the snow, durability in high temperatures, great traction for heavy rains or the ability to carry heavy loads? We’ve got a tire regardless of your needs.

Protect your investment

Regular maintenance is the ticket! After your tires have been purchased & mounted,  you will want to make sure your tire pressure is accurate either for your vehicle or what the shop recommends. Always refer to the specifications for your particular tire but PSI should normally be 30-35. Tire rotations, wheel alignments, and tire balancing will also be regular maintenance items you should keep in mind.

We hope this helps you when it comes to your tire buying journey! Remember to check your tread to determine if you need new tires, pick a trustworthy repair shop like us and hunt for savings & deals. Help your tires last by visiting us at the shop.

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