Are Your Tires Making Normal Noises?

The amount of noise you experience while driving can be dependent on a variety of factors, including the condition of the road pavement and the construction of the vehicle and its components.

In fact, a great deal of engineering and technology goes into vehicle design to specifically promote a smooth and quiet ride. Tire technology is also trying to improve the quality of a vehicle’s ride. 

It’s perfectly normal to experience some degree of noise when we are driving, but we may on occasion hear something that just doesn’t sound right. It is important to pay attention to tire noise that seems unusual or unfamiliar, as that noise may be a sign of trouble with your vehicle. The earlier anything unusual is caught, the better.

How much or what type of tire noise is normal? That is going to depend on the type of tires you have. For example, it is common for low-profile tires to create more noise since they have a lower amount of sidewall rubber. Also, the wider a tire is, the more noise it tends to generate, simply due to there being more in contact with the road. 

Sounds Like Trouble

The longer you drive your car, the more in tune you will be with what sounds normal and what doesn’t. This will hopefully help you to catch off noises faster. Alignment problems, suspension issues, or improper tire inflation can all cause strange or unusual tire noise that sounds a bit like thumping or bumping. 

Misaligned or underinflated tires might sound like squealing or screeching. Keep in mind that squealing that occurs when you stop might also be an indication of brake problems. 

Tire humming can be another sign of tire trouble. Humming may happen if tread wear is not even, or if there are problems with the wheel bearings.  

If you have been noticing tire noise that seems out of the ordinary, don’t ignore it. Taking just a little time out of your busy schedule to have your tires and vehicle inspected by a qualified auto pro could save you a lot of time, trouble, and expense. We’d be happy to check things out for you!

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