Why Are My Brakes Noisy?

The leading cause of noisy brakes is actually not because your brakes are worn. Have you ever driven in the early morning after a rainy night? Most likely you have heard a squeak or two. This is actually due to the brake pads warming up and getting rid of any rust that has accumulated from the moisture and is completely normal, but there could also be an underlying cause to the noise. 

There may be a more serious problem if you continue to hear a noise after you have given your brakes time to warm up. Having solid and working brakes is one of the most important aspects to your vehicle’s performance. Here are some other common problems that have clear sounds and symptoms that go along with them:

Screeching: If you apply the brakes after you have given them time to get warm and still hear a high pitched screech, there are bigger problems. This normally means that your brake pads are needing to be replaced. If you hear this sound consistently, bring your car or truck in for us to take a look.  

Growling or Grinding: When you apply the brakes and hear a grinding sound, it can be a very unsettling noise. This noise is very loud and metallic. The source of this sound is from the brake pads completely wearing off causing pieces of metal to grind or rub together. If you hear this sound, your rotors may need to be replaced. 

Unwanted brake noise can be annoying, but it is important to know the difference in the types of sounds. Early morning squeaks are a natural and normal thing for your brake pads to do before they warm up. If you experience screeching or grinding, you should bring your car or truck in to have us take a look at it. 

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