Why You Shouldn’t Drive with a Headlight Out

Winter months mean shorter days, so more time driving in the dark. Having one headlight out might not seem like that big of a deal, but it can make it a lot more dangerous for you as the driver and for others sharing the road. If you’re planning to drive miles without a replacement headlight, you should be aware of these hazards:

Decreased visibility. Properly working headlights need to illuminate persons and objects for 350 feet on high beam and about 100 feet on low beam. When you have a nonworking headlight, you are not only making it harder for other drivers to spot you on the road, your visibility of the road is limited. 

Reason to be pulled over. It’s not uncommon for police officers to pull over vehicles that have a headlight that is out. This can often be considered a safety hazard for yourself and other drivers on the road. You may only get a warning or, worst case scenario, a fine depending on the officer.

Might have both go out. If you don’t accidentally hit something due to low visibility or get pulled over with a warning or fine, then you may keep on cruising as is. But, what if your other headlight goes out? When this happens, you greatly risk your safety and others around you if you choose to drive at night. Don’t let it come to this. 

Changing out a headlight is easy when you go to your closest Ace Hardware, O’Reilly, or other automotive shops. If you’re unsure what headlights you need, we’re certain the workers there will be more than happy to help you out. Swap it out ASAP!

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